Il Magnetic Charger è il caricabatterie magnetico che vi permetterà di ricaricare ogni volta che ne avrete bisogno i vostri sex toys vibranti della linea Fun Factory.

Il Magnetic Charger è stato progettato per essere usato esclusivamente con tutti i nuovi vibratori Fun Factory che utilizzano il Click'n'Charge System: basterà applicare il magnete del caricabatterie sul logo Fun del vibratore per avere il vostro toy pronto per l'uso, ogni volta che lo vorrete!



New power in no time at all. Be sure your favorite FUN FACTORY toy never runs out, so better always have the USB MAGNETIC CHARGER by your side.

Now enclosed with every CLICK 'N'CHARGE vibrator, the universal USB plug allows charging even on journeys around the world without restrictions by local mains plugs. Boundless fun guaranteed!

  • CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE technology
  • USB magnetic plug
  • universal charger
  • revolutionary technology
  • comes with every rechargeable toy
  • also sold seperately
  • metallic contact point 
  • can be used all around the world thanks to USB
  • a plug for all devices
  • no extra costs
  • no batteries

The most elementary of parts – the USB MAGNETIC CHARGER - ensures that thrilling stimulation and pulse-quickening passion never end. Charging with the USB MAGNETIC CHARGER is child's play. The universal charger has a magnetic point that can be used with all CLICK 'N' CHARGER vibrators.

A revolutionary and easy technology. Place the universal plug in an USB port on your PC or an adapter for mains plugs electrical socket. As soon as the unit light turns on, “click” the metallic contact point of the “button” with the magnetic part of the FUN FACTORY vibrator. To successfully charge, the two magnets have to lie completely parallel over one another. The magnetic contacts on the USB MAGNETIC CHARGER ensure that the charger remains in one position.

The red light of the FUN logo on the magnetic plug signalizes that the vibrator is connected to electricity. Once placed on the toy correctly, its control panel will also light up. The charging process is completed when the toy is no longer illuminated - the USB MAGNETIC CHARGER can be removed from the vibrator. If a toy in operation is connected to the USB MAGNETIC CHARGER, the vibrator automatically switches off. Once the USB MAGNETIC CHARGER is removed, the toy can be reactivated using the touch buttons. Charging finished? Then let the fun continue.


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